Monday, April 2, 2018

Puntucation Marks

How often do you pick up a students writing journal and find a page of wonderful thoughts ran together into one long sentence? Or, when listening to students read, do you find they are lacking expression and fluency?  As an academic skills tutor, I see this all too often.  Many students need reinforcement with punctuation when reading and writing.

 To help reinforce this concept, I created these Punctuation Task Cards and Printable Worksheets.

 The task cards were created as an interactive activity.  They can be used as scoot cards for a whole class activity, left in a center or a writing station, as an intervention tool in small groups or guided reading, or set up as a read and write the room activity.  

Students read the short sentence, and write the correct punctuation mark on their recording sheet.  When working with my kindergarten students, I like to read the sentence aloud, emphasizing expression in my voice. 

During the first half of the year, I also read the cards to my first grade intervention groups. I choose to do this because I want the focus to be on punctuation, not on trying to sound out words while reading a short sentence.

My second grade intervention group reads the cards independently, and writes the punctuation marks on their recording sheet.  Rather than being teacher led, they enjoying using the task cards as a scoot game.

As a follow-up to the task card activities, I check the students understanding of punctuation marks with these Printable Worksheets.

The printable worksheets are great for assessments and progress monitoring, homework, morning work, a review activity for tutors, and whole class lessons.

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