Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Making Words: Plants and Flowers

Over the past couple of weeks, my Flowers and Plants Vocabulary Cards  have been selling quickly.  With that in mind, I thought I'd share with you all a hidden gem in my store: Making Words Flowers and Plants.

Similar to the Spring resource I recently blogged about, this Making Words: Flowers and Plants edition also includes illustrated vocabulary cards and 10 no-prep worksheets.

Whether for small groups, whole class, or left out as a writing center, Making Words can easily be modified to meet the needs of your students.

For example, some students need reinforcement on transferring print, letter identification, and letter formation.  For these kiddos, I would have them write just the word. 

Whereas, kiddos who need the challenge to work on writing concepts, I would have them produce and write a sentence using the focus word at the top.

First, the kiddos cut out the scrambled letter tiles at the bottom of the page.

Next, they glue the letter tiles down to BUILD the word at the top of the page. After building the word, they either write the word or a sentence, and DRAW a matching illustration.

Here is an example where the student wanted to use the illustrated word card as a reference when drawing his illustration.

 These illustrated word cards are also great for a pocket chart display left nearby a the Making Words center.

When done, they can self-check their work by checking off each section (at the top of the page), including BUILD, WRITE, and ILLUSTRATE.  This could also be an area for you to mark their effort in each skill. 

You can download Making Words: Flowers and Plants HERE

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