Thursday, December 14, 2017

Number Word Clip Cards

  As early as PreK, kiddos begin relating numerals to number words. Help your child build math and reading skills with these Number Words Clip Cards.

To get started on these Number Words 0-10 Clip-it Cards, simply download the cards HERE.  Print, cut, and laminate, then your kiddos are ready for a hands-on math and reading activity.   

A set of colorful clothespins from the dollar bin at Target adds the extra element of fun.  They even have seasonal clips that I like to swap out, and use throughout the year. 

Kiddos identify the number, then clip the corresponding number word.  Make this a self-checking center simply by adding a sticker on the back of the card where their clip should be.  Then, after they clip their choice, they can flip over the card and see if their clip covers the sticker.  If so, it's right!  If not, try again :)
So many uses! Great for centers, as a take-home activity, morning work, an activity for early finishers, parent pull-out games, tutoring, and as an assessment.  What a wonderful way to incorporate math and reading in preK, kindergarten, and first grade.  

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