Thursday, June 15, 2017

Beginning Sounds Activities

As your kids begin to read, they will move from letter recognition to letter/sound correspondence.  Being able to segment the sounds in a word is crucial for reading and writing.  Here are some of my beginning sounds resources: all focusing on the early reading stages.

These BEGINNING SOUNDS CLIP CARDS are excellent for letter recognition and letter-sound correspondence.  Using clothespins, kiddos say and clip the initial sound of the picture shown on the card.
Words are printed, with a blank line representing the missing sound, to eliminate confusion of what the pictures are.

If you would rather have the students WRITE the answer on a recording sheet, rather than CLIP it, then check out my BEGINNING SOUNDS TASK CARDS resource.
Beginning Sounds Task Cards (letters A-Z), builds fluency with segmenting initial sounds, letter-sound correspondence, and writing letters.  Kiddos say and write the initial sound of the picture shown on the task card. 

Last, but not least, is the BEGINNING SOUNDS MATCH-UP - no-prep, printable, worksheets for beginning sounds and letter correspondence. Kiddos draw a line from the picture to the letter representing the beginning sound. Each page has 7 pictures and letters. 

Designed for preschool, PreK, Kindergarten, and as an intervention for first grade, these printable activities and worksheets will help your kiddos build the phonemic awareness skills needed to be a successful reader and writer.