Monday, April 17, 2017

Poetry Notebooks

If you're a teacher, you know curriculum programs often come and go; it's a constant race to see which yields higher test results. While it's important to keep up with research, and try new strategies, it's equally important to maintain consistency with techniques that you have found successful over the years.  Over the past 15 years of teaching K-2, a poetry notebook remains the ONE teaching tool I've consistently found to be successful.

From Build-a-Poem pocket chart activities, to highlighting key vocabulary, there are many ways to integrate your poem each day of the week.  Here is a look at how I've implement poetry notebooks in a primary classroom. This general plan helps keep structure to my poem of the week routine.

Grab this FREE printout, HERE, and get your poetry notebooks started today!


  1. When I first started teaching third grade, we did a Poem of the Week as reading homework. The students had to read their poem to at least 3 different people to practice their fluency. Now, we just have them read 20 minutes a night, but I love the poetry notebook idea!

  2. WOW!! Love your steps and activities to build our own poetry notebooks. Thanks for sharing.