Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Into Counting

Spring into counting with these interactive math centers.  Tens Frames 11-20 and One More, One Less Task Cards support common core math standards, are versatile, and engage your active learners.

Tens-frames, Numbers 11-20, actively engage the students in Counting and Cardinality and Number Operations in Base Ten standards. Students count "how many" objects on each card, and write the number on their recording sheet.
Great for kindergarten and 1st grade, these Spring-themed cards and recording sheet can be used in many ways. The whole class can participate in a SCOOT game, or set up as a math center for small groups.
Students also love using task cards as an early finisher task, morning work activity, and in take-home activity bags. When given the opportunity to take home the activity, they often want to teach a sibling or parent how to play.  And, as we all know, they learn best by teaching others.

After practicing the skill in centers, as a whole class, at home, or with a tutor, you can also use these cards and recording sheet as an individual assessment. 
Students love these cards for the colorful graphics, and the challenge to complete their recording sheet independently. They become so engaged in the activity, that they don't realize they are working on the math standards.

One More, One Less: Numbers to 20 build number sense skills.  With these task cards, students count the objects on the card, complete the task (one more, or one less) printed at the top, then write their answer on the recording sheet.

  A large number line is on the recording sheet to as a visual intervention to those who need it.
You can get your kiddos springing into math with two interactive math centers.  Simply download, print, and cut the cards - then you have task cards that can be used several different ways to support your math instruction. 

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