Thursday, January 26, 2017

Reading and Writing CVC Words

Get your kiddos engaged in reading and writing with these CVC Task Cards.  Whether as a small-group independent center activity, a whole-class scoot game, or as an intervention resource, these CVC Task Cards will build fluency, segmenting, letter-sound correspondence, and letter writing. 

Before getting started, present the picture cards to the students to clarify any uncertainty.  For example, when I first showed the picture of a can, students called it "soda". Therefore, we had to clarify that we're calling it a "can" for the purpose of the game. 

24 colorful picture cards, each numbered in the top right corner, are included. Keep all of your task cards in a zippered binder pouch to stay organized.

Using the recording sheet included, students write the CVC word in the numbered box that corresponds with the number on the task card.  

You will notice a large yellow sun on the title card, which matches the sun graphic on top, right, of the recording sheet.  This helps to keep this task card set from getting mixed up with others. 

Rather than focusing on a single word family, this activity has a variety of CVC combinations.  You will get a clear representation of their letter-sound correspondence, letter writing, and segmenting beginning, middle, and ending sounds of a word.

Download HERE to get your students engaged in reading and writing with these CVC Task Cards. 

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