Friday, January 27, 2017

Write the Room: The Mitten

Based on the popular children's book, The Mitten, written by Jan Brett, this Read and Write the Room center promotes early reading and writing skills for active learners.  With leveled character cards and write the room recording sheets, differentiation is a breeze! Here's a look at how I implement the resources that come with Write the Room: The Mitten.


After reading aloud the story, I create a list or graphic organizer on large chart paper, recording as students dictate characters they recall from the story.  Next, I display the character cards in a pocket chart, and the students sequence them based on the order they appeared throughout the story. 

The following day, students complete the Read and Write the Room activity. Depending on the students' ability level, I tape either level 1 or level 2 character cards all around the room. 

Level 1 is for emergent writers that need practice with letter formation and concepts of print.  The Mitten character cards have the word printed below the picture, and the write the room recording sheet has character pictures that match the cards.  Students hunt for character cards around the room, match them to the pictures on their write the room recording sheet, and transfer (copy) the word on the space provided.

Level 2 reinforces inventive spelling and initial sounds.  The cards have ONLY a picture, and the write the room recording sheet has letters to represent the beginning sounds of the characters.

Students identify the letter on their recording sheet, search for the character card that starts with that sound, and use inventive spelling to write the word on the space provided.

After completing the Read and Write the Room activity, I leave the Level 1 character cards in a writing center for the duration of our Mitten lessons.

Depending on the scope and sequence of your lesson, you may also be interested in Making Words and Building Sentences center activities for The Mitten.


Download your Write the Room:
The Mitten leveled center activity, HERE.