Sunday, January 15, 2017

5 Valentine's Day Poems for Kids

Celebrate love and friendship with these printable Valentines Day poems for kids. Whether singing the poems to familiar tunes, reciting for loved ones, or taking a Valentines handprint poem home to thier parents, your preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students will LOVE this collection of Valentines Day poems for kids.

The universal sign for Valentine's is hearts. So, what better way to kick off your lessons than with this simple heart poem for kids.  This printable hearts poem is great to practice color words, sight words, and punctuation - all of which align with the common core language arts standards.

Hearts Valentines Day poem for kids
The Valentines Day poems for kids bundle also includes I'm a Little Valentine. After reciting I'm a Little Valentine, the kiddos will be ready to get out ribbons, lace, and colored paper to make a special valentine of their own.  I'm a Little Valentine can also be used to teach Valentines Day songs and fingerplays  for kids.  Sung to the tune of "I'm a little teapot", this printable Valentines Day poem for kids is a must have in your February poetry collection.  


Laughing and playing are the best qualities of a lasting friendship.   
Encourage friendship and kindness with this printable Valentines Day poem for kids, Valentine Friendship. 

Classroom valentines are so much fun! Writing the kids' valentines and passing them out at a Valentines Day party is a childhood memory that makes everyone happy! My Valentine is the perfect poem, turned Valentines Day song, for kids.   Sing it with the kids just before passing out Valentines in the classroom.  Your parent volunteers in the classroom will adore listening to the kids sing this Valentine's Day poem. 

Last, but not least, this printable Valentine's hand print poem is what every parent will want to add to their Valentine d├ęcor.  

Simply paint the kids hands in their favorite Valentines Day colors, and send home as a parent gift for keepsake. You can get this printable Valentine's Day handprint poem, HERE.!/Valentines-Day-Handprint-Poem/p/131254165/category=29539870

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You can print it off get started using Build a Poem centers in the classroom.  The Build a Poem center is my students absolute favorite! Watch below as my reading intervention group completes the Snowman Build a Poem.