Sunday, December 4, 2016

10 Winter Facts for Kids

Starting in Kindergarten, kids are expected to make and share observations about the weather, recognizing changes in weather patterns over time, and distinguishing differences in the four seasons.  This science standard can be met through morning calendar time, outdoor explorations, informational texts, and writing opportunities. 

Facts about the Earth's axis during Winter are important, but are beyond a 5-7 year old's conceptual understanding.  This printable chart, included in my Building Sentences No-Prep Writing Center, is perfect for anchoring Winter lessons with primary learners.  The facts are more relevant, and the sentences are simply structured, using age-appropriate vocabulary.

Building Sentences: Winter Facts is no-prep, interactive, writing center perfect for Winter time. Students cut and paste word tiles to build the 10 facts about Winter; one sentence on each page.

The printable worksheet activities reinforce non-fiction, or informational, text, emergent reading and writing skills, concepts of print, sight words, punctuation, and illustrating to represent sentences.

Level 1: Worksheets include the sentence at the top of the page.

Level 2 (see below): worksheets do not have the sentences printed. Students use semantic and syntactic skills to build their own sentence using the word tiles at the bottom of the page. 

When you purchase my Building Sentences resources, you will get:
10 Winter Facts anchor chart
Level 1 cut and paste worksheets
Level 2 cut and paste worksheets 

Looking for an intervention level?  Are your students not ready to build sentences, and need extra support with word work? You may be interested in my Making Words activities.

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