Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Gift for the Teacher

Looking for a Christmas gift for the teacher?  Here is a look at what I put together for my daughters preschool teacher.  This Christmas gift for the teacher is a way to express gratitude for their dedication, patience, and hard work .

We purchased large clear ornaments at Hobby Lobby, and filled them with Christmas m&m's.  What teacher doesn't love chocolate? An entire bag fit in the ornament with room to spare.  After filling them up, we tied sparkly red ribbons through the top. 

I also put a laminated set of my Christmas vocabulary cards on a binder ring, and placed them in the bag.  Her teachers can use them for seasonal bulletin boards, their ESL students, or in centers.  If we would have had more time, I would've given her a Christmas Calendar Set, too.

Considering there is a Dunkin Donuts next to the school, we decided to also give the head classroom teacher a DD gift card to enjoy coffee and donuts.

The night before taking it to school, I had Skyler write Christmas cards for her teachers.  I wrote Love, and she signed her name.  She even added her own artwork ;)

The next morning, she was so excited to take the gifts to her teachers.  Before leaving the house, she decided she also had to get out her microphone and guitar to put on a little performance.  This girl cracks me up!