Monday, November 7, 2016

One More, One Less Math Centers

One More, One Less activities will help your students build number sense; the foundation for all math skills.  When given a number, or set of objects, kindergarten students should be able to identify one more and one less.  These One More, One Less Task Cards can be used many ways to reinforce this early math skill.
For example, get your active learners up and moving with a Read and Write the Room Math Center.  Simply hang the task cards around the room, give your students a recording sheet, and watch as they take ownership of their own learning. 
They will complete the task on the card: counting the objects and finding one more or one less, then record their answer in the box that matches the clipart on the card.

As a visual intervention, there is a large number line printed at the top of the recording sheet.  

You can read more about ways to use task cards in the classroom, HERE

Students love these cards for the colorful graphics, and the challenge to complete their recording sheet independently. They become so engaged in the activity, that they don't realize they are working on the math standards.

Select from Fall, Winter, Spring, and Ocean themes.


  1. Super cute! I love how your answer boxes have little pictures that match each card.