Monday, November 21, 2016

How to Organize Build a Poem Centers

 Build a Poem is a top pick amongst the kiddos in my academic skills groups (K-2).  With a growing collection of poems, I had to find a solution for organizing and storing the poems and word cards.   Here is a look at what I have found to work best, along with a FREEBIE for you to use when organizing your centers.

To assure I'd have enough room as I continue building my collection, I purchased a large 3" binder. The page protectors, recycled from old binders hiding in the back of my cabinet, are used to store the poems.

Based on a lesson learned; I now put each poem's word cards in a zip-loc before placing them in the page protector.  Otherwise, if the binder is accidently carried upside-down, the word cards can spill everywhere.  Not fun! This way, if they do fall out, they are still kept together in the zip-loc baggy. :)
Behind each poem, you will find word cards used to build the poem.

There are several ways you can store the poems, such as alphabetical, themes, or by focus skills.  Personally, I like storing mine by seasonal order.  (Back to school, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and so on.)

When I'm ready to change the pocket chart center, I simply open my binder and take out the poem and word cards. Using clothespins, I hang the poem at the top of the pocket chart, then mix up the word cards at the bottom.  

If a poem has a personalized version, such as Scarecrow, Scarecrow, I put the personalized poem on the back side of the original poem (in the binder and when clipped to the chart). 

Using this binder has helped me organize my Build a Poem pocket chart centers.  Now, I can quickly find poems, see which ones are able to be personalized, and grab the word cards; it's everything I need for this class favorite! 

To start organizing your Build a Poem centers, grab this FREE binder cover, HERE