Monday, November 28, 2016

How to Earn Free Resources on TPT

Did you know there is a way to earn FREE resources on TPT?  Thanks to the wonderful teacher-author community and forums on Teachers Pay Teachers, I have discovered a way to earn credits towards free resources.
It's as simple as can be....once you purchase a resource on TPT, leave feedback.  That's it; no gimmicks or tricks - just leave feedback.  Here's a step-by-step look at how to leave feedback, and claim your TPT credits on future downloads.

1. Log in on TPT.

2. Click on My TPT  - the dropdown menu on the top right.

3. Choose My Purchases

4. From there, you will see a list of items you've already purchased on TPT.  Under the title, you will see a thumbs up.  Next to that it will say "Provide feedback", or "Thanks for providing feedback."

5.  Click where it says "Provide feedback".  This will allow you to rank the resource and leave the seller comments.   Once you leave feedback, Teachers Pay Teachers will give you 1 credit for every dollar you spent on that particular resource.  For every 20 credits, you will earn $1.00 off a future resource. 

6. To claim your credits, go to Cart.

7. Under the Order Summary, click on "Redeem TPT Credits".

That's all!  TPT will automatically deduct your credits and adjust your cart balance accordingly! 
With the sitewide CYBER SALE going on, this is a wonderful way to save even more money on quality educational resources!


  1. This should be very helpful for teachers who want to leave feedback and get credits, but need some directions! The pictures are great!