Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Pudding Cups

The kids will be the first to tell you these Pumpkin Patch Pudding Cups are the BEST!  I recently made these for my daughter's and niece's Fall-themed birthday party, and there wasn't a single one left!  Quick, simple, and inexpensive, these dirt cups are great for birthday parties, classroom treats, after school snacks, and Halloween parties.
Because we were also busy making Mummy Juice Boxes and Frankenstein Grape Cups, my husband convinced me to take the quickest route possible for these.  Instead of making the pudding from scratch, which requires more ingredients and 1-2 hours of chilling time, he picked up the premade chocolate pudding cups.  A local Aldi's had 4-packs for 89 cents, and the Oreos for $1.99!  Considering I had to make 25 cups, we couldn't beat that price! 

We made a trip to the Dollar Tree to pick up the small desert cups, gummy bears, and clear serving tray, then stopped at Target to grab the pumpkin candy.
Some recipes suggest using a food processor to crush the oreos to a dirt consistency.  Since we don't have a food processor, we put a bag of oreos in a zip-loc baggy, and used a rolling pin. This worked great! Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take pictures for each step of the process.  Too much partyin' to plan for :)  I'm sure you get the picture....oreos in a bag, smashed and rolled with a rolling pin until it looks like dirt. 

Next, my husband, 3 year-old, and I, set up an assembly line to put these together.  Fun for the whole family is a bonus!  I scooped the pudding into the desert cups, my daughter used a 1/4 measuring cup to scoop the dirt onto the pudding, and my husband put the pumpkin candy and gummy worm on top! 

I set them out on the desert table, along with colorful spoons, and enjoyed watching the kids "oooh and awe'd" over them!  Not a single one was left over! 

Happy birthday, girls!!!