Monday, October 10, 2016

Superhero Birthday Treats

Our girl is turning 4 this week!! She's been counting down the days until her party, adding items to the never-ending birthday wish list, helping with invitations, and making her special treat to pass out in preschool.

Being the crazy little munchkin that she is, this crazy straw favor fits the bill in more ways than one.  We took a trip to The Dollar Tree, and picked up a couple bags of colorful crazy straws.  Once home, I let her decide which theme she wanted for the toppers. 

She choose Superhero girls with a purple border.  We printed them off, and started our "little project" (as she called it). 

Like an assembly line, I cut out the circles, and she taped the tags onto the crazy straws.  They turned out so cute :) 

After Skyler passes her treats out to her friends, she will have a special treat for her teacher.  Sticking to the Superhero theme, she will get a set of my Superhero Alphabet cards

Although I designed them as posters (8.5 x 11"), you can easily adjust the size when printing.  I chose 4 pages to sheet which brings them to 3.5 x 5" - perfect for flashcards. 

After laminating and cutting them out, we tied the set together with decorative ribbon. Skyler chose blue since that is her daddy's favorite color :)

To finish up our project, she traced her name on the back of the birthday straws.

These, along with mini-cupcakes and mummy juice boxes, will make a fun preschool birthday treat to pass out to her friends and teacher :) You can read more about birthdays HERE.

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