Sunday, August 7, 2016

Question of the Day

Question of the Day is one of my favorite activities to build confidence in classroom participation, receptive and expressive language skills, and integrate opinion writing. There are a range of ways in which you can implement it into your daily routine, such as arrival, morning meeting, as a cool-down activity after recess, as an intro to your language arts lessons, or as a time filler throughout the day with a review while waiting for dismissal. 

I have put together these step-by-step directions on how to assemble and use Question of the Day in your primary classroom. 

Print on standard paper, or cardstock for extra durability. There are colored graphics, but you can choose to print grayscale if you don’t have access to a colored printer.

There are 2 questions cards per sheet. Either using scissors or a paper slicer, cut the pages in half. 

Put the table of contents in the front,  just after the title page. This will save you time throughout the year, as you may want to use questions related to your current lessons. The pages are numbered, and alternate female/male teacher graphics.

Whole Punch & Put on a Binder Ring
Be sure to whole punch at the top-center.
Hang & Display
I use a command hook to hang the cards above a pocket chart.  Label each side of the pocket chart with YES/NO cards.  Each student is given a name card to place on the side that represents their answer.

With 185 cards, you'll have questions for the entire school year!

Topics include families, chores, sports, outdoor activities, food, Holidays, shapes, colors, fairy tales, school supplies, friends, pets, at the zoo, on the farm, seasons, animals, and more!  

You can start at the beginning, which are more skill related (ex. Can you tie your shoes), or use the Table of Contents to find topics with more open ended questions (ex. Would you live in a castle by yourself).  The open ended questions are excellent for leading class discussions and opinion writing activities. J

Check out what these teachers had to say about this activity:
  • I love Yes/No questions. Easy for all kids to answer, even the really shy ones! They still feel like they're participating!” (Beth P.)
  • “Super way to engage students!” (Anne R. – Believe to Achieve)
  • “My student’s had a blast with this unit!” (Lisa C.)
  • My students are using the Question of the day first thing when they walk in. I like having something simple to get their brains working and they are excited to answer the question of the day. Thanks for sharing.” (Donna E)

You can purchase Question of the Day here.


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