Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Sale: Sports

Super Bowl 50 is finally here! For many, it's a day of partying, watching football, and eating finger foods.  Sounds fun.  But, for teachers, it's still Sunday....which means it's a day of lesson planning.  Hopefully, you can get all of your plans ready early in the day to enjoy the commercials, I mean game, later in the evening.

Lucky you, I can help.  Today is Sunday Sale day, and I've picked the perfect resources for you!  The kids will come to school tomorrow all pumped up from watching the Super Bowl. Instead of dreading the interruptions of football talk, use that as a learning opportunity.  Do your magic and integrate sports through the content areas.

These Sports Vocabulary Cards are colorful, eye-catching, have large print, and a matching picture.  Since you'll have them on a digital file, you won't need to waste your time laminating.  Simply print them out the next time you want to use them.  They are great for a writing center, word wall, journal prompts, and pocket chart activities.

Football, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, hockey, dance, gymnastics, golf, volleyball, and swimming are included. 

Building Sentences is an engaging language arts center for students ranging from kindergarten through 2nd grade.  And, better yet, you don't have to do any prep work to set up the center.  That's right; just print and go!  Don't worry about modifying the work to differentiate - leveled work is included! 

Building Sentences: All About Sports covers the same 11 sports found in the vocabulary cards.  Students will read a sentence about a sport at the top of the page, cut and paste the word tiles to build that same sentence, then draw an illustration to match.  The above-level worksheets do not have the sentences at the top of the page.  Instead, they have to use semantics and syntactic strategies to build the sentence independently.

Coming back to the classroom after Super Bowl Sunday doesn't have to be dreadful! Feed into their hype, integrate sports, provide engaging activities, and watch as they enjoy learning about what they are interested in!  Hurry, these resources are on sale through tomorrow morning.  Get your plans done, and enjoy the game!  

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