Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Night Craft with a Toddler

After an exhausting week at work, there's nothing better than coming home, putting on the pj's, and spending time with the family.   Typically, Skyler's "go to" activities are puzzles, books, blocks, instruments, Little People , the ipad, or playing Doctor with her Doc McStuffins Purse.  But, tonight, we had fun watching The Little Mermaid and making a Thanksgiving turkey craft.

 I cut the leaves and a turkey body out of construction paper.  Snipping around the edge of the feathers give it a frayed look. Toddlers love to rub their little fingers up and down the frayed texture, which increases sensory development.
 As soon as I laid the pieces on her table, she ran to get her crayon box.  While she scribbled on the feathers, I had to use the time to reinforce color recognition. "Lets color the blue feather.", or "Can you find the yellow feather?"   Poor girl has a teacher as a's always about learning having fun making crafts together!  
Jumbo crayons are great, but using smaller crayons can help build those fine motor skills.  

Next, it was time to bring out the glue. 
 Yes, as much as my own mother thinks I'm crazy, I allow my 25 month old to use glue.
Twisting the cap and squeezing the bottle increases hand strength for fine motor skills and teaches cause and effect.  For example, "if I squeeze hard, then more glue comes out".   After watching me glue down the red feather,  she said "I do it, Mommy; I goo (glue)".  Here, she had just put random glue dots on the green feather, and is trying to close the glue. 

By now, her attention span was getting the best of her.  In the middle of craft time, she's zone out when Ariel began singing on TV, would run off to show the dogs her work, and even chose to move her table and chairs to a different area.  After a few minutes, we came back and finished up our turkey :-)  whew...TGIF!!
Toddler Thanksgiving craft

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