Monday, October 27, 2014

Monster Shape Glyph

Today, following our weekend news, we read the story Go Away Big Green Monster, by Edward Emberley.  A simple, colorful, storybook to entertain, and help kids get over their fears. As the kids become engaged in a shared reading, shouting, "Go away big green monster", watching as the monsters scary features disappear one by one. 

Since our focus was not on overcoming fears, I integrated this book into our math lessons about shapes.  After reading, we made these awesome Monster Glyphs, or craftivity.  

First, they had to identify and express their favorite shape.  They traced the shape onto colored construction paper, then cut it out.  The shape then became the body of their monster.  The number of eyes, strips of hair, and legs each represent a different characteristic or fact about the student.  Next, they "wrote to tell others about their monster", by filling in the blanks on the glyph paper.  :) 

When done, they were given the option to present their monster glyphs to the friends across the hall. This became an eye-catching hallway display for the school to see! Definitely a class favorite!

You can get this Monster Glyph HERE.