Saturday, July 19, 2014

How Not to Hear "I'm Bored" on Vacation

Success!  We took a family vacation to Marco Island, FL to visit my dad.  Just south of Naples, Marco is a relaxed, quiet, island occupied by people who run on "island time". 

 Driving around the small island, you will find beautiful beaches, stunning million dollar mansions, and restaurants with fun, friendly service (see Rose at the Crazy Flamingo).  But, as any parent knows, planning a family vacation to ensure everyone is happy can be a challenge.

5 Tips to help assure you don't hear TOO much wining and "I'm bored":

1.   If you have a pre-teen or teenager, let them bring a friend   We invited our friends' daughter who's the same age as Lexi. They've always gotten along great, and I knew she would be great for us.  

2. Let's face it, bringing the electronics keeps everyone sane!

3. If flying with a toddler, don't forget the benadryl. 
  The Dr. said to cut the suggested dosage in half  to help take the edge off and keep her calm.  We did that, and Skyler slept the ENTIRE way there.  On the way home, no luck.  She was content with her binky, favorite blanky, the i-pad, looking out the window, and munchies.   

4.  Make sure there is a pool!
    Take a break from the sand and salt water.  A pool wears the kids out!  Night swims, flippers, goggles, splash cones, dive toys, and contests are great for all ages ;-)

5.  Use Trip Advisor.  
    Expand the search mileage just past your location.  We found an awesome waterpark about  40 minutes away.  The kids could have stayed ALL day.  
What are some ways you keep the kiddos entertained on vacation? 

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