Sunday, February 16, 2014

February Fun & Valentine Freebie

February is flying by, and I'm just trying to keep up with it all.  Skyler is 16 months old now, and boy-oh-boy is she keeping us busy!  This week, she went running in to tell her daddy that she went "poo-poo", is saying "thank you" all the time, can't put Elmo down, is doing so much better eating with a spoon, found a love for Ramen Noodles yet continues to choose black beans as her food of choice, loves to help unload the dishwasher, wants to read books all the time, and is choosing to fight her sleep at this very moment.  Lexi, otherwise known as "Sissy", also had an exciting week.  She had to "dress her best" for the 6th grade Valentines Day dance.  Of course, late Thursday night, she decides she "doesn't have anything to wear".  So, we had some quality mother-daughter shopping time to find her a dress.

At school, the Kinders had a special visitor from the dentist for Dental Health Month.  He was wonderful with the students.  They got to dress-up as a dentist, sort items that are good/bad for your teeth into cute bags, and got to take home new toothbrushes.

The friendship party was a hit, too. We read several Valentine's Day stories, decorated bags (for those who didn't bring in a decorated box), made a craft the kids refer to as "Valentines Man", passed out treats and cards, had a valentines decorating contest - I left markers at their tables and allowed them to decorate their heart as they finished their work throughout the day,  then chose a winner at the end of the day -  best table wins!
I used pink bulletin board paper to cover the tables, and drew a heart at each seat. 

As a keepsake for the parents, the kids completed the following writing passage.  Click the picture below for a FREE printable of the writing activity.


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