Saturday, April 7, 2018

Reading and Writing CVC Words: Part 2

Piggy-backing off of my first set of CVC Task Cards, I have created a second set to keep the novelty alive in your classroom :)  CVC Task Cards can be used in a variety of ways, and is an excellent tool for your CVC resource collection.  

You can use this resource as a scoot game, a writing center or word work station, a read and write the room activity, an assessment for progress monitoring, an early finisher bucket activity, to build speech, vocabulary, or phoneme segmentation, or as an intervention tool with a tutor.

To scaffold the students independence, I begin the lesson by reviewing the 24 picture cards. This is a great way to build vocabulary, too!  For example, when showing them the "cot" picture card, several students called out "bed".  Rather than correcting them, I encouraged them to think of types of beds.  After hearing bed, mat, and mattress, another student shouted out "cot".  This left us an opportunity to talk about what a cot is, and places we might see cots.

After making sure the students know what the pictures are, I then pull a couple cards to practice phoneme segmentation, breaking apart the sounds in the words.  We then do a shared writing activity, modeling how to write the CVC word independently.  

For my first grade intervention group, I chose to use these as a scoot game. Although scoot games are traditionally thought of for a whole class activity, I find it to work great in a small group, as well.

After each student gets a recording sheet, I then give each student one CVC card.  They write the CVC word in the corresponding space (there is a number in the top-left of the CVC cards, and each space on the recording sheet is numbered).

In a small group, I can easily monitor who needs additional help or extra time.  Once they write their word, I then say "scoot", and they pass their card to the person sitting next to them.

After getting making it through a round, I then collect the cards, and give them new cards - repeating that until they've written the 24 CVC words.

To store this resource, I like to keep the recording sheets and the CVC cards in a clear container.  This is a great way to leave it as a center, as well.  The kids can simply get a recording sheet, and go through the CVC cards at their own pace.

Add this resource to your collection, by clicking  HERE to purchase CVC Task Cards: Set 2.  

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