Thursday, January 12, 2017

Martin Luther King Poems for Kids

Teach the significance of Martin Luther King, Jr's message to young kids through poetry.  Today, my kindergarten and 1st grade reading groups, added the Dr. King poem to their journals, then completed the Build a Poem center with their peers.  

First, we worked with the printable poem, Dr. King. Students first found words/letters they already know. In kindergarten groups, we did an echo reading, followed by a shared reading.  In first grade groups, we located rhyming words, and did a shared reading.  Several students asked to read the poem independently to their classmates.  When done, we added the poem to our journals.  You can get the printable poem, HERE.

Next, while I pulled kids for progress monitoring, the other kiddos went to the Build a Poem center.   When they get to the center, the Dr. King poem is hanging at the top of the pocket chart, and the word cards are mixed up along the bottom. 

The kids work together to build and read aloud them poem. 
You can get the Dr. King Build a Poem Center, HERE

Students are engaged, interacting with peers, reading, and learning the basic message of Martin Luther King, Jr.  I couldn't have been happier with this lesson! Way to go, kiddos!

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