Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Read and Write the Room

Ah, the week before Christmas break; it's the most wonderful, chaotic, and busy time of the year.  The kids need structured opportunities to have a little fun while also engaged in learning.
Leveled for PreK-1st grade, Christmas Read and Write the Room, does just that - allows your active learners to engage in language, reading, and writing opportunities.

Simply choose a level, post the picture cards around the room, and the students become eager to record the words on their record sheet.

Level 1: Record sheets have pictures that match the cards hung around the room. The cards also have the word printed below the picture.  As they find the cards, they record the word next to the matching picture on their record sheet.

Level 2: Record sheets have letters that represent the beginning sounds of the pictures found around the room. The picture cards DO NOT have words.  The kiddos find the picture that starts with that sound, and write the word using inventive spelling on their recording sheet.

Even my 4 year-old loves doing this activity around the house.  She calls it the "Christmas Hunt Game".  I hide the picture cards all around the house, and she walks around with a level 1 recording sheet.  She colors in the pictures on the recording sheet as she finds the cards around the house.  However, I've recently caught her attempting to "write the words" - emergent writing style ;)

You can purchase and download this Christmas Read and Write the Room center, HERE.

The following is included in this leveled resource:

                                                  Level 1: Read the Room Center Sign
                                                  Level 1: 2 Student Record Sheets - blackline masters
                                                  Level 1: 12 picture/word cards 
                                                  Level 2: Read the Room Center Sign
                                                  Level 2: 2 Student Record Sheet - (blackline master)
                                                  Level 2: 12 picture cards without words. 

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