Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Ted the Turkey

Meet Ted the Turkey! He says gobble, gobble, gobble on Thanksgiving Day. Whether he's stuffed, on a flag, or made out of wood - the turkey found amongst your Fall decor just nominated himself for the job.  Introduce Ted to your kiddos, and they will be ready to gobble up this interactive poetry center. 

After meeting Ted, the students will learn a special poem about him. Sung to the tune, I'm a Little Teapot, Ted the Turkey is a catchy, silly, Thanksgiving poem for kids.  

Incorporate hand and body movements for your kinesthetic learners, while displaying this bright and colorful poster (printed or on a smart board) for your visual learners.

After reciting the poem a couple times, the kiddos are eager to go to the Build a Poem pocket chart center.

Build a Poem activities build concepts of print, sight word recognition, reading fluency, language, and higher order thinking skills.

Before sending them to the center, I like to build the poem as a whole-class activity - modeling how to track words on the poster, check for accuracy, recite while pointing to track what's already been completed, and problem solve when others may disagree what comes next. 

Working in a small group, or individually, students use the large print word cards to build the poem; sequencing the words in the correct order.

I love observing this center.  The kids are singing and reciting the poem, reading words, tracking print, and reading....all while having fun! 

During this time, the remaining students are engaged at different centers, including Thanksgiving Read and Write the Room, Building Sentences: 10 Turkey FactsNovember Making Words, and the Writing Center.

Then, the kids LOVE swapping out the poem for the other version included - where they get to personalize the poem by inserting their own names.
Blank word cards are included for the kids to write their own name on.  Put all of the names into a baggy, and students can recite and build the poem using whichever name card is pulled.  This version REALLY gets the giggles out :)

** You can download Ted the Turkey Build a Poem, here.  You will be redirected to this resource at my TPT store.

The kiddos also color and add Ted the Turkey printable poem to their poetry notebook.

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