Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Printable Books for Beginning Readers

Encouraging students to read a book can often be difficult. Many times, I hear kids say "I don't know how to read", and watch as they push a book aside. :(  First thing's first...time to build confidence!

To show them they CAN read, we focus on using pictures to help us understand the words.  I hand them a book and tell them to just tell me about the pictures. Then, while talking about the pictures, I tell them "Look, you CAN READ!  Good readers ALWAYS look at the pictures, and that's exactly what you're doing!"  It's an instant confidence booster :)

These decodable books are perfect for this, as well as making text-to-self connections with topics such as ~ environmental print, technology, nursery rhymes, and their awesome school supplies
Here is a look at some decodable books great for emergent readers. 
The pages have pictures to match the word - supporting readers as they look to the pictures for help when stuck on a word.

After reading the book, students then complete a sight word hunt on the last page; circling the focus sight word found throughout the story. 

https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Sight-Word-Reader-Humpty-Dumpty-BW-2440587   https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Sight-Word-Reader-Itsy-Bitsy-Spider-BW-2546245

**See what others have said about these printable books for beginning readers**
  • A great early literacy resource! (Anita B)
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  • Very useful! (Lisa W.)
  • What a great early emergent book for the level A readers in my kindergarten class to put in their book boxes for daily independent reading! (Laurie C.)
  • Loved it! Thanks! (Melanie W.)
  • Love it! So did my kids! (Tamara F.)
  • Great fun for our fitness lessons (Sara D)
  • Thanks for the great product! Students love these. (Melinda B)
  • Used with my K kids. We acted out a page. They underlined a word and at end of class they took book home. Great tie-in to classroom! (Tracy W.)


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