Monday, November 28, 2016

Clip Cards for CVC Words

Clip cards are a great way for kids to practice many skills.  All you need are the cards and a set of clothespins.  The newest addition to my Clip Card collection are CVC Words.  These interactive cards build fluency, phoneme segmentation, vowel sounds, vocabulary, and reading accuracy. 

Students identify and say what the picture is, break apart the sounds in the word (i.e. fox /f/ /o/ /x/), then clip the word.  The word choices have the same beginning and ending letter, but have different middle sounds.  This will reinforce accuracy with middle vowel sounds.

You can also practice vowel sounds with my CVC Middle Sounds Clip Cards. These cards are slightly different than the ones above.  Instead of reading and identifying the entire word, students identify the picture, and clip only the missing middle vowel sound.

Store your clip cards in a zip-loc baggy or pencil pouch like the one above.  Keep the title card up front so you can quickly find the cards to match the skill you are working on.

My CVC Word Family packets, includes anchor charts, sound boxes, match-ups, homework, decodable books, assessments and more.  You can read more about them on my CVC Word Family post.

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