Friday, October 14, 2016

What is a Glyph?

Students love to make crafts!  Sadly, they are getting less opportunities to do these fun activities due to the "more academic, less play" expectations.  Glyphs, however, are the perfect solution!

In the world of elementary education, a glyph is craft-based activity.  When finished, various attributes of the craft reveal personal information and/or opinions about the student.  

They build on Common Core ELA Standards > Speaking and Listening, while also allowing kids to enjoy crafting time! There are many glyphs that can be integrated into your math, language arts, science, and social studies lessons. 

More so, we all know how much kids like to talk about themselves.  When making a glyph,  EVERY STUDENT gets to respond to questions and share opinions about themselves! Now, even the students who don't feel comfortable speaking in front of others can share their opinions and/or facts about themselves!

Glyphs make great hallway displays.  Be sure to hang the attribute chart with the display so parents, students, and staff can then see what each attribute represents.

Here is a look at the attribute chart for my Snowman Glyph. You can see the completed craft HERE.

This Shape Monster Glyph was also a class favorite. 
Check out our hallway display, HERE.

To keep it simple, I like to think of glyphs as crafting with a purpose - educational, of course ;)

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