Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ten Turkey Facts for Kids

Let's keep it real - kindergarteners, 1st graders, and 2nd graders are probably not fascinated with detailed Turkey facts, such as turkey contains tryptophan, or that male turkeys try to mate with as many female turkeys as possible. (of course they do)  For the younger kiddos, the facts need to be basic.

Where do turkeys sleep?  What do turkeys eat?  Can baby turkeys fly?  These are all great questions asked by my kinder students over the years. To help answer these questions, you can read turkey stories, guide your students to research turkeys online, and present this 10 Turkey Facts anchor chart found in my Building Sentences: All About Turkeys resource. 

After presenting the anchor chart above, and exposing students to informational text about turkeys, simply print the Building Sentences pages, and model how to complete the activity. 

Students will:
  • Read the turkey fact. 
  • Cut the scrambled word tiles on the bottom of the page, and paste them in the correct order to build the turkey fact.
  • Draw a picture to supply details about the turkey fact.    

For your more advanced learners, the "above level", or level 2,  worksheets do not have the sentence printed along the top.  Students use syntax skills to construct a grammatically correct sentence using the word tiles at the bottom of the page.

This no-prep center is engaging, promotes reading and writing, and supports Informational Text common core standards. Great for whole class, small groups, language arts centers, word work, daily 5, guided reading, tutoring support, and homework.

This Building Sentences Resource includes:
A teacher's directions page
A 10 Turkey Facts anchor chart
10 at level cut and paste worksheets
10 above level cut and paste worksheets

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