Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Beginning Sounds Center Activity

 Build fluency, segmenting initial sounds, letter-sound correspondence, and writing skills with these Beginning Sounds Task Cards. 

The kids love the bright colors and detailed pictures. Personally, I LOVE this new clipart set, by Glitter Meets Glue, and couldn't wait to use it with this resource.  I was able to incorporate more non-traditional alphabet vocabulary. For example, heart and hat are commonly used for H.  However, with this amazing clipart, I chose to use hanger.  Still a familiar item to the kids, but not what they are used to seeing on alphabet cards.  It's a great way to get their brains stimulated :)

Whether used as a SCOOT game with the whole class, or in a small group of centers, the kids seem  motivated by the independence given to record their answers.  Add a clipboard in the mix, and suddenly they become professionals :) 

How to Play
  1. Students identify and say the picture on the task card.
  2. They write the letter for the beginning sound on the recording sheet (included).
  3. Continue until all boxes are complete.  (Numbers on the task cards show the students which box to record their answer in)

Teacher answer key is included to make grading a breeze :)

You can download these Fall task cards HERE.  If interested, I also have a non-themed set here - great for year round use.

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