Wednesday, October 12, 2016

ABC Order Task Cards for Centers

Build reasoning, multi-step thinking, alphabetic principles, letter identification, letter writing, and language skills with these ABC Order task cards - great as a challenge in kindergarten, as well as 1st and 2nd grade ELA support. 

Much to my surprise, my 2nd grade tutor groups were eager to complete this activity.  Initially, I thought it may not be enough of a challenge to keep them engaged.  Wrong!!! It was the perfect balance for them to feel confident enough to solve the more challenging cards.  For example, I observed them say "this is easy", then shortly after use problem solving skills to find the answer; such as referring to an alphabet line, singing the alphabet, writing the alphabet on the back, and even using a picture/word dictionary.  The type of strategies we love to see the kiddos use!  :)

To keep the students on their toes, using higher level thinking skills, I've created these cards with a variety of missing letter strands. For example, rather than placing the missing letter in the center of each strand on every card,  I've shuffled the placement to the left, center, and right. 

Students will:
  • Read the short strand of letters.
  • Based on alphabetical order, find the missing letter.
  • Write the missing letter on the recording sheet provided in the resource file.
An ANSWER KEY is also included to save you time when checking the students' work!
You can purchase this resource at my TPT store, HERE.

Use as a whole class activity, with a small group in centers, as an early finisher task activity, a take-home activity in place of traditional homework, an assessment, a resource for tutors and/or parent volunteers, or play as a SCOOT game.  Read more about task cards here

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