Thursday, September 8, 2016

10 Little Apples

It's that time of year again; time for apple cider, visits to apple orchards, and apple lessons galore.  It's a sure sign of the change in seasons, and kids seem to "eat it up" ;)  Here's a look at one of the kid's favorite apple centers, Build a Poem: 10 Little Apples.

With the rhyme and repetition, this poem is often sung with a catchy little tune; one that seems to stick after just a time or two of singing. 

Simply print the colorful poster and word cards.  Every word is printed on a separate card, bordered in green polka dots, with a small graphic clipart of an apple ~ this helps when storing, organizing, and sorting, to keep students from misplacing them with other pocket chart activities.

I use the poetry poster as an anchor chart when introducing the poem.  To model the center expectations, we build the poem, together, as a shared reading lesson. I like to first display the poem, already built, in the pocket chart.  We recite the poem, while tracking the words with our special pointers.  Then, I pass out the word cards, and explain that we need to put the word cards back together again, so we can sing the song. 

Using clothespins, I hang the poetry poster at the top of the pocket chart for the kids to reference when building the poem. 

You will be amazed at how eager the kids are to get started building the poem with their peers. Don't expect this to be a silent working center.  You will hear them recite the poem  many times as they work together to sequence the words.  It's truly a fun center to watch; lot's of giggles, problem solving, reading, and language building :)

This interactive poetry center also has many opportunities to integrate math using this poem, such as number recognition, number words, measurement, and number sequencing to 10. There are two versions included in the resource packet: you will get the Number Words AND the numerals.  :) Choose based on your students' needs. 

Click here for this Ten Little Apples Interactive Poetry Center. 

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