Monday, August 29, 2016

Please Don't Stop the Music

Music is an important part of our family! My teenager has been in band for years, and has now joined the marching band.  My three year old likes to believe she has her own marching, dad, sissy, and dogs, of course!  And, my husband and I both love crankin' the tunes around the house :)  Even as a kindergarten teacher, I found music to be the best way to integrate new skills and concepts.

I thought I'd share with you what music looks like to our family! In this video, Skyler is pretending to be #Grace from America's Got Talent #AGT. If you've never heard Grace's first performance, you should google it.  Her song is called "Original", because she wrote it about herself :).  This young girl is amazing!  Once you've heard Grace's song, you will understand why Skyler is belting "I don't know my name" :)

Next are videos of Lexi's first marching band half-time performance.  Because she's a teenager, she would never be ok with me posting just her playing or singing.  As a toddler, she would walk around the house singing in her "opera voice".  Too bad, she doesn't still have that self-confidence, because she has a great voice! Like most teenagers, she loves music as an escape :)

Whether it's for dancing in the kitchen, to release inner energy, to get pumped up before an event, or to bring back memories, I can only ask, please don't stop the music!

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