Sunday, May 8, 2016

How To Play "I Have, Who Has"

"I Have, Who Has" has become a popular classroom game!  You can find this game for nearly any grade level and/or skill.  To get started, read the directions below.



* After choosing which skill you want to work on, simply print and cut.  Some teachers like to laminate the cards to assure they will last for the school year.  However, if you have a pdf file, you can just reprint any cards that need replaced.

* Have students sit or stand in a circle. 

* For the game to work correctly, be sure to pass out ALL cards.   Depending on class size, some students may have 2 cards.  This is a great opportunity to differentiate!  Give the students a card that you know he/she will be able to read. 
    * Whomever has the card that reads “I have the first card”, will go first.  After the student reads aloud the card, the student who has the word called aloud will read next.

(ex:)  Student 1:  I have the first card.  Who has all?”
Student 2:  I have all.  Who has are?”

   * While calling out cards, there are several ways you could manage the group.  For example, they can sit in a circle, stay seated, and simply read aloud their cards. Or, you could have them sit/stand when it's their turn.  If doing a sequencing game (alphabet or numbers), you could have them go stand in a line when it's their turn.  This is a good method to reinforce your visual learners :).

  * The game will continue until all cards have been read. The last card says “I have The End”.

   * Collect cards when finished, or have a student helper be the collector during the game.  He/she can collect the cards from the kids as they are called out, placing them into a zip-loc baggy.

  * To keep them organized, label your zip-loc baggy with the skill.

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