Wednesday, May 25, 2016

5 Ways to Use Task Cards in the Classroom

More effective and engaging than worksheets, Task cards should be a part of every classroom!  What are task cards? They are cards that contain a task or activity for the students to complete, can range in skills/content, and can used in SO many ways. Here are 5 ways to use task cards in the classroom!

1.  Early Finishers – when students are done with their seatwork, they can grab a set of task cards to complete independently. Store them in a small container, or zip-loc bag, along with crayons and pencils.  This way, the students will have everything they need, and won’t interrupt you or others for supplies.

2.     Scoot Game – spread the cards out amongst tables/desks.  Each student gets a recording sheet.  They are to complete the task on the card, and record their answer.  After 2-3 minutes, the teacher says “scoot”, and the student rotate to the next area.  Repeat until students have went to each area.

3.    Assessments – pull students individually to complete the task and record their answer.  You will see right away if they are struggling with a particular area. 

4.    Morning Work - Students self-select task cards to complete when they come into the classroom. 

5.    Home-School Activity Bag:  Put a class set of recording sheets in 2 pocket folder.  Label the pockets “Blank” and “Complete”.  Hole punch and the task cards on a small binder ring. (This will assure all task cards come back J) Put the folder, task cards, and a set of crayons in a manila envelope or bag.  Send home with a different student each night.  They complete the activities at home, place their completed work in the folder, and return the bag the next day.

Below are a just a few of my Task Card resources.  You can check out the entire collection in my TPT store, here.

What are your favorite ways to use task cards in the classroom? Feel free to share in the comments below J Thanks for stopping by!

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