Monday, March 21, 2016

50 Ideas for Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers are a win-win situation!  Kids love having a special visitor, parents love knowing what's going on in the classroom, and teachers not only LOVE, but NEED, the extra help!

Whether coming into the classroom, or volunteering their time at home, there are many parents willing to help.  It takes a village! Get to know the people in your "village". Send a letter requesting the help both in and out of the classroom. You might be surprised how many valuable resources are within your reach.

Based on my personal experience as a kindergarten teacher, and the advice of fellow educators, I've compiled a list to help you build your village of learning.

Here are 50 ways to utilize parent volunteers. 
  1. Take down/hanging up student work
  2. Take down/hanging up bulletin board displays

  3. Run copies
  4. Sharpen pencils
  5. Birthday Reader - on a child's birthday, his/her parent reads to the class.
  6. Skype as a Birthday Reader
  7. Ask survey questions (Mothers day, All about me, I'm thankful for...)
  8. Staple papers
  9. Change out seasonal vocabulary cards in the writing center.
10. Tear pages out of workbooks.
11. Cut and staple decodable books or sight word readers.

12. Monitor students during center time
13. Prep center activities
14. Homework help
15. Label classroom materials
16. Organize books in classroom library
17. Use flashcards with individuals or small groups
18. Scribe during journal writing (Prek-1)
19. Distribute and collect Highlights magazine forms
20. Coordinate class parties
21. Type letters/send emails requesting donations for parties
22. Bake/purchase treats for a class party
23. Fill goody-bags for a class party
24. Tutor students who are struggling
25. Put flyers in take-home folders
26. Play classic games with small group as a reward (memory, chutes & ladder, jenga,)
27. Attend field trips
28. Help set-up school events
29. Listen to students read one-on-one
30. Assist/monitor students on the computers
31. Be a guest speaker / skype if not able to come into classroom
32. Organize supply buckets (crayons, pencils, erasers, glue)
33. Help monitor lunch and/or outdoor recess
34. Play math games with individuals or small groups
35. Pull apart Scholastic magazines
36. Put stickers on reward charts
37. Assist kids with special projects
38. Check books out/return books at the library
39. Take pictures of a special event
40. Print material for a special event
41. Assist with fundraisers
42. Hole-punching/binding student work to make a class book
43. Sew costumes for a school play
44. Cut out laminated materials
45. Laminate
46. Assemble binders and/or student portfolios
47. Hang pictures on a Family Display - students bring in photos of their families
48. Make play-doh (PreK-1)
49. Make sight word rings for each student  - hole punch and put on binder ring for home/school
50. Prepare birthday pencils - cut & tape tags onto a special pencil to hand out on birthdays.

If you have ideas you'd like to share, please leave a comment below.


  1. Wonderful ideas for getting parents involved in the classroom. I think partnering with parents is an amazing resource for everyone! Thank you for sharing. Jen :)

  2. This is a great list with many ideas for parent involvement I have not thought of. Thanks for sharing your ideas!