Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Sale: Vocabulary Cards with Pictures

You will find SO many uses for these bright, colorful, vocabulary and picture word cards!  They are great for word walls, writing centers, pocket charts, word work activities, seasonal bulletin boards, labeling, sorting and classifying for math, matching games, take-home activity bags, as flashcards, ESL, ELL, and much more!

I keep a set on a small binder ring, and use them frequently with my 3 year old.  In fact, she was actually around 18 months when I started using these to build her language and vocabulary. We've began working on association; pairing cards that are relevant to one another.  For example, finding all the cards that have to do with Winter time.

Each card measures 3.5 x 6", bordered in bright  polka dots, large black text, and a colorful graphic to match the word. Perfect for visual learners!

You can save over 20% when you get the Vocabulary Bundle, which includes 9 seasonal sets, with over 150 word cards. Plus, save an additional 5% for today's Sunday Sale :)

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