Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dr. King Poem for Kids

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is one week from tomorrow.  What do you have planned?  For many reasons, it is our responsibility as teachers and parents to educate kids about the significance of this day...not just another day off school. 

As a kindergarten teacher,  it was difficult finding resources suitable for young kids.  The civil rights movement, and MLK's violent death, are not what I wanted my students to remember.  Instead, I wanted them to know Dr. King was a man of peace, a leader of change, a problem-solver, and that he wanted everyone to get along regardless of their skin color.  To keep the lesson developmentally appropriate, I used poetry and songs. 

Today, I am highlighting my Dr. King Build-a-Poem Center.  It's a fun, catchy, poem that teaches Dr. King's dream for us all to get along and be good friends.

To create a pocket chart poetry center, simply hang the poem as a reference, and place the word cards in a container.  Every word is printed on a 3.5 x 6" card, bordered in gray chevron, with a small clipart of MLK.

The students will use the word cards to build the poem, and share with their peers when finished.

It's an excellent way to integrate lessons on Dr. King, concepts of print, sentence structure, sight words, fluency, and retelling. 

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