Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall Around the House

Fall is my favorite time of year! Bonfires on a crisp cool night, the colorful leaves, pumpkin spice latte's everything, leggings and boots, pumpkin patches, football games, my girls' birthdays, and decorating around the house.  Here's a peek at Fall around our house.

Halloween Crafts

Any toddler or preschooler would enjoy this Halloween craft.  I simply got a few squares of toilet paper, and cut the squares into 3 strips.  They were the perfect size to "wrap" the mummy's body.  It's not the best, but I drew a generic body form on white construction paper, cut it out, and told her it's the mummy's body. She glued down each piece, and even insisted on covering the back, as well.   As you can see, she wanted to color her mummy before gluing her pieces on.  The second she was done, she ran off to give it to her sissy. I was left to take a picture of my mummy...see the completed sample below.  :-)

Mummy Craft Activity.


 I wanted to make Fall centerpieces without breaking our budget.  Thankfully, I had pinterest! Even my teenager got in on helping with this.  Naturally, she thought she was too cool to get her picture taken. After a quick discussion about the order of colors, we simply layered the dry beans, added a few colorful leaves, and a small pumpkin on the top.  I love how it turned out - costing less than $8.00 to make! 

This tall vase is my favorite. I love the simplicity, texture, and cost.  I used some pebbles from around the house, bought 4 mini pumpkins, and viola! $3.96 later, I have a beautiful Fall decoration for our family room.
Pumpkins and rocks Autumn decoration
Fall Centerpiece
My husband built this amazing shelf.  From the day it went up, I was looking forward to putting up our fall decorations.  I found long strands of colorful leaves at the craft store, and this spooky skeleton at Target. Aside from the skeleton, we have an owl, lantern, candles, paintings, and pumpkins.  


This year, Travis and I are dressing up as Elliot and Gertie from ET.  (I need a blond wig!) Skyler is Sophia the First, and Lexi just wanted to wear the black phantom mask.  

So many pictures to share, so little time.  Hopefully, I've given you a glimpse of Fall around our house.  What's your favorite Fall tradition?

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  1. Oh how I love those fall centerpieces! Super cute and they seem so simple to make. Thanks so much for sharing.

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