Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Business Cards for TPT

In hopes of increasing exposure to my teacher resources on TPT,  I have designed and purchased my first set of business cards. Who's kidding here...I couldn't pass up the "Drop your business card for a chance to win" at Chipotle anymore.  Alright, so there are several reasons why business cards were a must. Either way, they've arrived, and I'm super excited to share them with you.

If you are a teacher-author, consider including the following on your business card:

Store and/or Blog
Many TPTers, including myself, have stores setup as themselves, while using a branded name for a blog. Include both names.

Insert your logo that is on your storefront or blog.  If you do not have one, use a personal photo.  I used my logo that represents Daughters and Kindergarten.

Grade Level or Content Area
Include the grade level(s), or content area, that your resources are designed for.

Contact Info
Use the space on the back of the business card to include additional ways for people to contact you. For example, an email address, a URL to your TPT store, blog, facebook, pinterest, twitter, and/or instagram.
QR codes are becoming common, but keep in mind they don't always work, and not everyone has a QR scanner readily available.  I added a small one, linking to a FREEBIE in my store.

And here they are.......


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