Monday, January 26, 2015

Toddler Fun Without Toys

We all have this problem.  Christmas is over, birthdays have passed, and there are a TON of toys sitting around the house. Sure enough, your kid is bored, and clinging to your leg as you try and get laundry done. Believe it or not, there are lots of ways to keep toddlers occupied without toys.  Here are some of our favorites.
  • Rock Painting.  Take your child for a walk around the yard, and collect rocks.  Not only will they love looking at the collection when you're done, you can have a painting party to make it more exciting.  We sat on an old towel outside, and painted our rocks.  It was great to see my older daughter have fun doing this too.  She sat and helped Skyler paint, then kept painting her own "rock family".  

  • Fill a Muffin Tin.   Give your child a muffin or cupcake tray and a small measuring cup.  Fill a large bowl with water.  Lay town a towel on the floor,  and let your child transfer the water from the bowl to the trays.  They love it.  To make it even more fun, you can add food coloring to the water. 

  • Colander Fun.  Turn a colander upside down, give your child some pipe cleaners, and let them fill the holes.  This is great for fine motor skills.  

  • Q-Tip Painting.  We all have q-tips around the house.  Dip them in paint, or even just water, and your child will love blotting all over the paper.  After watching Frozen (for the 100th time), I drew a snowman (she called of Olaf, of course), and she blotted away with white paint. It's so much fun, and still hangs on my fridge. 

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