Monday, December 29, 2014

All These Cards

Christmas is over, and the decorations are starting to come down. But, what to do with all these beautiful cards that friends and family have sent?  No, not the picture cards...those are saved in a photo box.  If you're like me, you don't keep cards, but you have the guilt of throwing them away.


Wait! Don't throw those cards away quite yet.  Cut off the front flaps.  Ask your child's teacher if he/she would like to use them for a writing center.  Ooh, I would love to add to my collection :)  The kids absolutely LOVE using them in the writing center.  They make post cards, make a list of holiday wishes, or put them on clipboard and copy winter words from the word wall.

You could also save them for yourself.  As next Christmas rolls around, and you're scrounging for those left over tags...make you're own, instead!  Yes, make your own...they are way cuter, anyhow!  Cut out a design from the front of the old Christmas cards to make your own tag.  Maybe it's a sparkly tree, a snowman, or a picture of Santa Claus that catches your eye.  Cut it out, punch a hole at the top, tie it to the package with ribbon, and write the name on the back.  

What are some crafty ways you re-purpose all those cards?

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