Monday, May 26, 2014

Getting Organized

In between teaching, planning, prepping, meetings, and duties, I try to find ways that help me stay organized. Here are just a few tips that I have found helpful. 

Storing Letter and Word Cards
Use these bright colored Accordion Files  to store word wall cards.  I keep one for math cards, sight words, alphabet letter cards, and vocabulary cards. 

Keep word wall cards organized
Anchor Charts
Keep anchor charts on binder rings. I like to create anchor charts with the students as we are covering a new skill. Here, we created a chart for positional words and some basic shapes.  By keeping the charts on the binder rings, I am able to keep them all in one spot.  When I need a new one, or want to refer to a previous skill, I can simply flip to the one I need.

Color-coding puzzles saves me SO much time!  I no longer scurry at the end of the year to find misplaced puzzle pieces. The trick? Colored dot stickers!

Place a sticker on the back or front of the puzzle board.  Using the same color, place stickers on the back of each piece, and on the front of a Ziploc bag.  When the students are done with the puzzle, they put the pieces in the Ziploc that matches the sticker on their puzzle pieces.  Yes, it takes time to prep this, but IT IS WORTH THE TIME!!! 

Color code puzzle pieces using stickers.

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