Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Oh, the fun we will have to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday!  Each day has been designated to a Dr. Seuss story, and a guest reader will be visiting our classrooms throughout the week.  A special thanks to a wonderful coworker who planned out the week for our building.

Monday - The Cat in the Hat
Hat day
Persuasive writing prompt:  Would you let the Cat in the Hat visit your house?
Classroom treats

Tuesday - Fox in Socks

Silly Sock day
Graphing how many kids wore silly socks to school


Wednesday - There's a Wocket in my Pocket
Wear clothes with pockets!
Descriptive writing prompt:  What do you keep in your pockets?
Which class is wearing the most pockets?  Each student counts how many pockets are on their clothing.  Add together all pockets in the classroom.  Each class submits the total, and the class with the most pockets wins a treat at the end of the day. 
Thursday  - Green Eggs and Ham
Dress in green
Persuasive writing prompt:  Would you eat green eggs and ham?
Create a tally, picture, or bar graph to discuss how many people would/not eat green eggs and ham.
Green eggs and ham treat


Friday - Dr. Seuss' Sleep Book
Wear your pajamas to school
Narrative writing prompt:  Write about your dreams.  What do you dream about?

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