Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ways to Make 10 Freebie

Parents, how many times have you caught yourself saying, "What is this new math?  This isn't the way we learned in school!"  Welcome to the Common Core.  There are less standards than before, but higher expectations for the kids to develop a deeper understanding.  In kindergarten, we go beyond recognizing the numbers and counting a set of objects.  Again, it's about understanding and being able to explain reasoning.

Here is an activity we did when working on numbers to 10.  
Each kid had stick of 10 cubes.  They would break the stick in two parts, count how many in each part, and record their findings. I told them they can record their numbers whichever way they wanted; writing the number or representing with pictures.  (Both are kindergarten standards)
Using pictures (dots) and numbers to record finding.

When done, we had a math talk to discuss the different ways they could make 10.  While doing so, they would get so excited, and shout out things such as "Look, I had 3 and 7, but he had 7 and 3.  It's the same, but backwards", or "See, I have 9 and 1 and I know it's right because 1 less than 10 is 9."  It's wonderful!  Their learning goes beyond counting a set of 10!

You can download this FREE recording sheet, HERE

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