Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fall Family Time

Today, we woke up to our first accumulated snow fall of the season. While I LOVE the snow, I couldn't help but frown over the thought of Fall coming to an end. I want more crisp evenings for football games, trees filled with beautiful colored leaves, bonfires, trips the pumpkin patches, and of course pumpkin spice lattes! We've had many great fun family times this Fall, as well as challenges and milestones. What are some of your family's fall traditions?

Our first family football night of the season!  

Skyler turned 1!  Her 1st birthday party was planned for the outdoors; hayrides, pumpkin rolling, boccie ball for the adults, yard balloons, owl-themed decorations, and pinata fun.  But, the rain came and plans changed, of course.  I found this personalized birthday outfit on Etsy.  

Infants need fun activities, too!  Pumpkin painting (with non-toxic paint) is messy fun for all.  Be sure to have a wet wash cloth nearby!
Pumpkin carving.  Alexis drew the pumpkin design, I attempted and failed miserably on carving, so Dad took over, and Skyler was very curious about the pumpkin guts...eeww!
First trick-or-treating was a success! She was carrying her cousin's pumpkins, too.  After browsing dozens of costumes, we decided on the traditional pumpkin.  It came with a pumpkin hat/topper, but I couldn't resist this owl hat that I found on Screaming Owl.
Travis and I dressed up for the Halloween party at Howies on the Lake.  In case you haven't seen Anchorman, he went as Ron Burgundy and I was Veronica Corningstone. Hillarious!

It's bound to happen sometime. She got her first time-out in the designated area.  
Consistency and patience.  

Wagons are so much better than they used to be.  Her pink wagon has storage, trays, 4 cup holders for kids and 2 in the front for mom or dad pulling the wagon, seat belts, and additional storage in the back!  Wagon rides around the back yard, collecting leaves, and watching the dogs run was a fall favorite.

While one is learning to walk, my other turned 12 and all she does is talk, talk, talk.  

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