Sunday, August 11, 2013

Teething and Deodorant

Oh, my girls!  While one is in constant pain from teething, the other needs daily reminders not to forget her deodorant.  Sometimes, I can't believe I'm starting all over again.  Yet, it's memories I will cherish as the years pass.  What is the best remedy for teething?  She has several teethers, and loves chewing on them; but loses interest quickly.  My mom gave me the tip to get a clean washrag damp and freeze it.  That works for a few minutes.  I suppose patience and extra lovin' in the best remedy.

Now, lets talk pre-teens and deodorant.  Did I go through this phase?  Does every girl go through this phase?  Is it that hard to remember to put deodorant on everyday without mom nagging?  Must be?  The teacher in me is ready to make a picture schedule just so that girl can remember the essentials in the morning.  Accessories come after deodorant :-)  Speaking of picture schedules, I just found out I will be having an inclusion classroom this year.  Looks like I will be working on picture icons and social stories over the next few weeks.

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